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ATM Solutions Provider

We are one of the Nation’s Largest Independent Service providers for ATMs and other cash automation equipment for national and community banks, credit unions, off-premise deployers, and retail establishments.

We draw on more than 5 years of dedicated service to the ATM industry to bring customers flexible, consultative solutions that reduce costs and improve uptime. Large enough to meet the needs of every size customer in nearly any market, we continue to maintain the attention to detail that has made us the preferred choice for financial institutions and independent ATM deployers nationwide.

 In addition to hardware maintenance, we also perform a wide variety of project and site services covering everything from signage, cleaning, site survey, installations, and hardware/software upgrades.

As different customers have different needs depending on when they have embarked on the building of their ATM networks, our services are customized to suit customer requirements. Our offer is perhaps the most comprehensive service in the market. Simply put, we are a

  • A National deployer, which means we can deploy ATMs for you across the country

  • A Service Provider‚ which means we can manage your ATM network on a 24x7 basis centrally and provide you field services to ensure your brand is protected and demonstrated in a compelling manner

  • A Transaction Provider‚ which means we can provide you technology solutions and services, provide a comprehensive acquiring service by connecting to authorizers using gateway services and ensuring all transactions are in proof using a comprehensive back-office risk-based service

ATM Fleet Management

•    Procurement strategy
•    Hardware & Software:
•    Installation
•    Refurbishment
•    Decommissioning
•    Upgrades

ATM Service and Maintenance

•    First Line Maintenance
•    Second Line Maintenance
•    Ongoing monitoring
•    Helpdesk

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